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Builders partnering with Southern Energy Solutions experience superior service and value

while improving building practices and controlling costs. Homebuyers benefit by purchasing a home ensuring enhanced comfort, durability, energy efficiency, healthier indoor air quality, lower cost to operate and superior resale value. Enhancing your reputation as a quality builder and selling more homes…Southern Energy Solutions leads the way. Services include:
  • ENERGY STAR® CERTIFICATION – Southern Energy Solutions provides 3rd party verification and certification for new homes to meet this rigorous well known, highly recognized energy efficiency brand. Complete consultation services will assure success.
  • ENERGY STAR VERSION 2.5 Compliance Scoring – Southern Energy Solutions helps builders receive the lowest Home Energy Rating System (HERS) index score indicating a higher level of energy efficiency than typically built homes. 
  • $2000 NEW HOMES / EPAC Tax Credit - Southern Energy Solutions qualifies builders to earn a $2000 tax credit on each energy efficient new home built and sold during 2013. Qualifying documents and filing procedure provided.
  • HVAC Manual J Load Calculations - Southern Energy Solutions helps builders save on heating / cooling equipment and installation costs through correct and appropriate sizing. Oversizing adds to operating costs, constructions costs, and contributes to building failures. Builders can save thousands of dollars by requesting proposals based on third party specifications.
  • PLANNING & DESIGN – Southern Energy Solutions turns your ideas into construction plans that meet current IRC and energy code requirements. Cutting edge materials and practices are emphasized in the early stages.  
  • Construction Management - Ensuring best practices, controlling costs and meeting completion schedules…Southern Energy Solutions is a Tennessee Licensed General Contractor (Lic. #55105) with over 20 years construction background and hands-on experience in all trades. 
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