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“Our Energy Goes into Saving Yours”

Southern Energy Solution’s Home Energy Analysis utilizes Home Performance with ENERGY STAR

® technical criteria that provides recommendations with payback period estimates for home performance improvements. When improvement measures are implemented, Southern Energy Solution’s Home Energy Analysis can result in up to a 30% lower utility bill, as well as:
  • Healthier indoor air quality
  • Greater resale value for your home
  • Tax and energy company incentives in some areas
  • ENERGY STAR HERS index score providing marketing advantage for resale
  • Increased comfort and decreased temperature deviation room to room
If your home’s utility bills seem too high, comfort level too low, air quality questionable, Southern Energy Solution’s Home Energy Analysis will provide an unbiased guide to correcting issues. Southern Energy Solution’s Building Performance Institute® certified Building Analysts and Envelope Specialists evaluate your home using sophisticated testing equipment. There are three ways that you can use the results of the Home Performance / Energy Efficiency Improvement Analysis:  
  • Perform the recommended improvements / corrections to your home yourself.
  • Contract with each trade needed and supervise their work.
  • Utilize Southern Energy Solutions' home performance improvement contracting service
    • (TN License # 55105) to ensure compliance to scope of work and specification recommendations.  
    • A post-improvement retest is then performed and 25% of the initial testing fee is credited back.
The following video from ENERGY STAR describes what we do

Southern Energy Solutions values the opportunity to help homeowners save money on utility bills and improve the comfort and health of their home. Please call or email today to schedule this worthwhile evaluation.
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