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Commercial & Industrial Energy Efficiency Services

Energy-efficient buildings are more cost-effective and profitable to operate; contribute to a higher-quality environment

for those who live, learn or work in the building; reduce greenhouse gas emissions; and conserve natural resources. A structured approach to energy management can help you to identify and implement the best ways to reduce energy costs for your facility. With an ongoing program, you can manage your energy costs and take targeted actions to enhance your facilities including:
  • Establishing energy efficiency goals for your organization.
  • Identifying and benchmarking your organization’s best practices in energy management.
  • Determining success metrics and targets for energy efficiency improvements.
  • Developing a strategic plan that provides a roadmap for increasing energy efficiency and reducing emissions.
  • Implementing energy savings systems and equipment such as upgrading or replacing inefficient equipment, installing high-efficiency lighting to optimize energy and operational efficiency.
  • Integrating renewable energy technologies to optimize efficiency.
ENERGY EFFICIENCY FACILITY AUDITS - Resulting in practiced and cost effective energy efficiency improvements with detailed measures and their projected return on investment. ASHRAE endorsed Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 energy audit procedures are followed.

TARGETED AUDITS - Provide an in-depth approach to a specific area or system. A more detailed area study focus can be achieved at lower cost compared to a comprehensive energy audit.

ENERGY STAR® BENCHMARKING - Measures building performance against a national average for similar type buildings. This program can result in a building receiving ENERGY STAR certification.

– Post installation review ensures unbiased reporting of HVAC effectiveness, identifying whole building systems for optimal effectiveness and operating cost reduction.

DEMAND SIDE MANAGEMENT UTILITY PROGRAMS – Meet regulatory requirements through a variety of Demand Side Management programs. Skilled, experienced professionals provide leadership in program management, implementation and impact evaluation.

COMMERCIAL BUILDING ROOFING AND MOISTURE EVALUATION - Using sophisticated thermographic imaging tools, Southern Energy Solutions provides commercial roofing evaluations that ensure moisture will not compromise the integrity of the roofing project.
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